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We are one the only company in Polands market for gift cards and digital products that specializes in solutions dedicated specifically for this segment. We offer numerous, modern and innovative solutions to companies issuing gifts cards and companies who are thinking of introducing such cards in their business. We are happy to cooperate with retail networks in the distribution of digital products and gift cards.
We established www.markoweprezenty.pl as a place for online sale of gift cards offered by over 60 issuing companies.

Our partner in retail is Content Card, a leading, international distributor of digital products, who is also a member of Brodos Group, the second largest distributor of mobile phones and accessories in Germany, with turnover of nearly EUR 300 M in 2012. Our Partner is a German company, founded in 2013, with registered office in Baiersdorf. The readers of Telecom Handel chose it in 2013 as the best distributor in Germany. Content Card has developed a revolutionary technology for selling prepaid product, without the need to integrate with the Sellers cash desk system. Go to Partners tab to see the innovative Content Card solutions that we offer to Polish retail networks.

Solutions for the gift card issuers