Research and development funding programs

We have participated in over a dozen research and development projects in the field of chemistry for various industries. We always try to participate in projects in the area of ​​”green” chemistry and so we collaborated on, for example, ecological rocket fuel, amino acid fertilizers, obtaining oxygen from lunar regolith or pyrolytic decomposition of used car tires.

The projects were implemented for the European Space Agency, the National Center for Research and Development or the European Union Program Horizon Europe. Together with foreign consortium members, we created the idea of ​​the application, developed the substantive content and successfully applied for funds.

The Horizon Europe program requires the participation of at least 3 different companies from 3 different countries. We will become your partner in chemistry and related fields.

Chemical consulting

As a team of experienced chemists, we offer advice on chemical issues in various aspects. We work with scientists from many technical universities and research institutes from Poland and all over Europe. We consult solutions with representatives of companies and entities with real industrial experience in the field of the project being developed.

We offer research and development project management services, especially in the field of chemical issues. We provide services in accordance with the standards of project management according to the International Project Management Association and risk management in accordance with the ISO 31000: 2018 procedure. We have been a member of the International Project Management Association for over 15 years. 

Chemical production in Poland

We offer the production of chemical substances in Poland and provide comprehensive services, including the implementation of analysis and tests of the produced substances in certified laboratories.

Production in Poland has many advantages. We are located in the center of Europe and the delivery takes 1 or 2 days, without customs and other difficulties. We belong to the European Union and the VAT tax is 0%. Polish producers have certificates valid in all European Union countries. Our production prices are lower than in many other European countries.

We also offer the production and supply of laboratory chemical reagents. We have been cooperating with trustworthy Polish companies for many years and we check the production conditions on site. If you are  looking for a chemical partner in Poland, please contact us.

Debris free space

Unfortunately, people have seriously contaminated the globe. Now we must make efforts to restore the natural environment. Currently, it is very popular to send thousands of satellites into orbit around the earth. Launching space rockets is associated with air pollution on the ground, as hydrazine-type fuels are burned. Satellites in orbit stop working after a few years and become cosmic garbage.

We are trying to participate in research and development projects to replace hydrazine with rocket fuels that burn on natural substances such as water or oxygen. We are making efforts to introduce legal rules regarding the location of satellites and the deorbitation of used satellites using chemical engines.

We are a member of ACCESS.SPACE Alliance and the Polish Space Professionals Association. You are interested in green space chemistry, please contact us.