Our mission

We strive to improve the condition

of the natural environment on Earth

and reduce space debris.

We have been participating in the implementation of industrial projects since 2013. We have worked for various industries, from IT solutions through chemical technologies to ready-made production lines. For each project, we select a team of experienced specialists in specific fields of knowledge. We specialize in chemical solutions.

We work with dozens of specialists from various fields. We build project teams mainly based on experience and knowledge in a specific field, which is to be supervised by a given specialist. We also invite teams of young engineers to search for non-standard solutions and innovative ideas. We cooperate with technical universities and scientific institutes from Poland and all over Europe. We consult solutions with representatives of companies and entities with real industrial experience in the field of the project being developed.

We developed and implemented projects for the National Center for Research and Development, the European Space Agency or under the new Horizon Europe Program of the European Union.